Join the Legion of Super Fans

We invite you to join the Legion of Super Fans Inc, a 501(c)(3), as a volunteer to support the fandom arts at GalaxyCon Minneapolis Nov 8 – 10, 2019.

Volunteers tell us that making friends is the number one reason they get involved.

Get a free t-shirt and earn a free weekend pass when you volunteer for 10 hours during the festival.

Volunteer Zones

Ready for the big screen? Well, more like the medium screen for your favorite anime! Your job here will be making sure the room sticks to schedule, watching the equipment, and to make sure no one breaks the rules.

Assist AV Setup for the “fandom” panels for the most part. Knowing how to connect electronics equipment like PCs, Microphones, Projectors, and Speakers is a plus. 

This is the toughest and most rewarding department! Volunteers do everything they can to assists guests at their tables, organize the lines of fans, and get celebrities to and from panels. 

Assist Comic Artists and Writers by taking them to panels, getting them water, or sitting at their tables when they need breaks for lunch or panels.

The Gen Ops team provides hundreds of quick fixes for random needs from all of the departments. Not sure where you are best suited? Gen Ops gives you the most flexibility to see it all.

Cosplay volunteers help sign up contestants for contests, control the line for prejudging, and help backstage for the contests.

Help a cosplayer in need! You must have basic knowledge of cosplay repair including basic sewing, wig styling, and glue gun use.

Roll out the red carpet because it’s the film festival! Help filmmakers get to their sessions and assist with keeping the festival on schedule.

“Welcome to GalaxyCon!” Provide people with warm greetings, and share directions and information as needed.

Assist attendees with basic needs and information and offer additional help for specific requests made by disabled attendees.

Help kids with simple crafts and activities. Parents cannot drop off their kids. They must stay to supervise. This is not a babysitting service.

Make sure no one under the age of 18 gets in to adult-oriented, late-night activities like burlesque and hentai screenings.

Professional Photography Volunteers get extra perks beyond the single free pass. If you have your own equipment, take amazing photos, and you’re willing to share rights with us to use the, let’s talk about the fun we can have together! (Must show portfolio to be considered).

Welcome people, scan their tickets, and give them their badges or wristbands. Super easy & highly appreciated help!

Assist with turn around time of our main events. This involves moving chairs on the stage and keeping track of time. You may rub elbows with some of our biggest starts in this role.

D20? D6? You have to have some knowledge of tabletop gaming for this department or your epic adventure could turn catastrophic! 

Keep the equipment is working properly, keep an eye out to prevent theft, and help keep the tournaments running on time. You’ll get some experience points for having knowledge of the latest video games, and how to set them up, but it could mean GAME OVER if you don’t!

Knowledge of using video cameras and lighting required! Learn from film mavens how to capture events from panels to b-roll and build your resume at the same time!

Professionals with interest can gain perks beyond the single weekend pass. Show a portfolio to find out more.

More Info About Volunteering

The EARLY deadline to be considered for volunteer opportunities is September 8, 2019

The REGULAR deadline for volunteer opportunities is October 8, 2019

The LATE deadline for volunteer opportunities is October 25, 2019

The earlier you register to volunteer the better your chances of getting assigned to the department you request.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Legion of Super Fans Inc, a 501(c)(3), as a volunteer to support the fandom arts at GalaxyCon Minneapolis Nov 8 – 10, 2019 at Minneapolis Convention Center.

As GalaxyCon Minneapolis approaches, we are looking to the generosity of volunteers to make this the best GalaxyCon Minneapolis yet. We are looking for volunteers who would like to donate time, talent and expertise in order to gain behind the scene access to the festival and an opportunity to meet other volunteers who have the same interests and passions for the comics, anime and pop-culture community.

There are many different opportunities at the festival. Some of the volunteer positions call for specific skills and experience, but many will only need enthusiasm, dedication, trust, and creativity. If this sounds like an opportunity for you please complete the Volunteer Form and send it to us. The earlier you send, the better.

For further information before or after the festival please contact minneapolis@galaxycon.com or by calling 919-907-0424.

All volunteers are asked to work a minimum of 10 hours over the weekend in order to receive the volunteer benefits including free admission to the festival, GalaxyCon T-Shirt, and more. Each volunteer will be expected to check in and out with the track director and the volunteer coordinator each day that you volunteer, and single day admission bands will be given each day based on the number of hours worked. After the completion of 10 volunteer hours, a volunteer can earn a weekend pass to the show.

If you are interested in volunteering at GalaxyCon, the following must be completed and understood:

*A Volunteer form

*You must be 16 years old or over. 

*Anyone who lives outside of the Minneapolis area must be 18 years old or over.

*Volunteer Team t-shirts are to be worn during the shift at all times.

Please help promote a safe and healthy environment while volunteering. Refrain from any deliberate act that may create danger, or an unhealthy situation towards any individual. This includes use of illegal drugs, consumption of alcoholic beverages, assaulting another individual or disregarding their safety. If you know of anyone, who might be under the influence or conducting bad behavior, please report to GalaxyCon staff or security.

Volunteer Program: Most volunteer positions are easy to learn and do not require any previous experience in order to qualify for the assignment. Volunteers assist in all areas of the festival, from assisting staff, special events, running errands, registration, checking badges, etc.; no task is overlooked or under-appreciated.

To be considered for volunteering at GalaxyCon Minneapolis 2019, please fill out this form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at minneapolis@galaxycon.com or call 919-907-0424.