GalaxyCon Minneapolis 2019 Cancellations:

As it sometimes happens, cancellations occur due to family, personal or schedule commitments. Here is a running list of Galaxycon Minneapolis cancellations:

3/8/19 – Donny Cates has had to cancel his scheduled appearance at GalaxyCon Minneapolis.
6/11/19 – Ken Page cancelled due to new role on Broadway.
7/22/19 – Jason Mewes had to cancel due to touring commitments.
9/9/19 – Mick Foley cancelled due to other commitments.
9/12/19 – Carroll Spinney cancelled due to retiring from convention appearances.
9/12/19 – Chris Sarandon cancelled due to being booked for a Broadway Theatrical Engagement.
9/13/19 – Ed Brisson cancelled due to prior commitments.
10/2/19 – Kelly Klein cancelled due to Ring of Honor commitments.
10/3/19 – Nick Frost cancelled due to filming commitments.
10/11/19 – Rachael Leigh Cook cancelled due to filming commitments.
10/16/19 – Jerry Lawler cancelled due to WWE commitments.
10/17/19 – Philip Cathalson cancelled due to work commitments.

10/31/19 –

David Tennant is unable to attend GalaxyCon in person due to family obligations relating to the recent birth of his child. His family needs him at home right now and he cannot leave the UK. He knows this is disappointing, and he has agreed to take part in a special Live Stream Q&A event so that he can still connect with his fans at GalaxyCon. This special event will take place in the Main Events Ballroom on Sunday at 11:00am. David has also committed to appearing next year, as long as he has no filming conflicts.

We also have some “fantastic” news, as there will still be a DOCTOR in the house! Christopher Eccleston has agreed to come to GalaxyCon to replace David, meet with fans, take part in photo ops, sign autographs, and take part in a Q&A event. His Q&A will be Saturday at 12:30pm. All our other Doctor Who guests, including Karen Gillan, Alex Kingston, and Catherine Tate are all still set to attend GalaxyCon as planned.

For fans who have pre-purchased autographs and photo ops with David Tennant, you are able to swap, upgrade, or get a refund thru our ticketing platform. We have created a guide to help you with this process at Due to the short time until the show, we are concerned that any refunds would not clear until after the event and we want to give you the opportunity to swap and transfer your existing celebrity products. If you need additional assistance, please email

11/03/19 – Ricky Steamboat cancelled due to prior engagements
11/04/19 – Pom Kelmentieff cancelled due to other commitments
11/04/19 – Rene Auberjonois cancelled due to personal reasons
11/04/19 – Patricia Quinn has cancelled due to filming commitments