GalaxyCon Minneapolis 2019 Cancellations:

As it sometimes happens, cancellations occur due to family, personal or schedule commitments. Here is a running list of Galaxycon Minneapolis cancellations:

3/8/19 – Donny Cates has had to cancel his scheduled appearance at GalaxyCon Minneapolis.
6/11/19 – Ken Page cancelled due to new role on Broadway.
7/22/19 – Jason Mewes had to cancel due to touring commitments.
9/9/19 – Mick Foley cancelled due to other commitments.
9/12/19 – Carroll Spinney cancelled due to retiring from convention appearances
9/12/19 – Chris Sarandon cancelled due to being booked for a Broadway Theatrical Engagement.
9/13/19 – Ed Brisson cancelled due to visa issues.
10/2/19 – Kelly Klein cancelled due to Ring of Honor commitments.
10/3/19 – Nick Frost cancelled due to filming commitments.
10/11/19 – Rachael Leigh Cook cancelled due to filming commitments
10/16/19 – Jerry Lawler cancelled due to WWE commitments.