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Get to know more about your favorite actors, artists, and writers.


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Cosplay Photo Booths

Get your Photo on one of our themed backdrops.

Costume Contests

Runway, “Late Night”, Craftsmanship, Kids, and Masquerade… it’s all here!

Cosplay Meetups

Stay tuned for our schedule of cosplay meetups for massive photos with kindred spirits!


Get your laugh on with nerd comedy from stand up to improv to shadowcasts!


Geeky and titilating… need we say more?

Video gaming

Play the hottest games in open play or organized tournaments.

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FSCW Wrestling

Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling: Where wrestlers dress as heroes and villains from Comic Books, Anime, Video Games, Movies and TV shows to fight for glory!

Tabletop Gaming

Strategy? Humor? Chance? Adventure? Whatever you’re into, we’ve got a game for you!

Themed Parties

Bring a friend or make a friend at our geek themed parties that start after dark and run past midnight!